Rocket Boy by Katie Jennings

Written by Katie Jennings, Illustrated by Joe Lillington, Published by Little Tiger

Callum has an active imagination and loves all things space related!

Judging from his mother’s facial reactions and her body language, it seems as though she needs a bit of a break from Callum and his boisterous nature. When large boxes arrive and are emptied, Callum drags them upstairs and his adventure can begin.

Charting his course and blasting off into space is a dream come true for Callum. He and Oscar, his cat, survive a meteor shower, repairs to the shuttle and a visit to Mars. There is also a dangerous encounter with a man eating plant!

Oscar has some extraordinary abilities in space and uses them to help Callum! Although, in true cat form he gets hungry and has to have a zero-gravity space nap!

A delightful adventure and full of the wonderfully colourful illustrations that stand behind this series!

My growing collection of shorter, colour illustrated books

All of these books are wonderful, carrying messages of hope, positivity and imagination. Written and Illustrated by highly talented folk of the publishing world. Congratulations Little Tiger and Stripes on these super books!


The Vigilante Tooth Fairy by B.B. Taylor

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The tooth fairy is one of those myths that lasts until the molars come out…or at least it has in my house. The tooth fairy has been imagined and re-imagined time and time again, from being a fairy to a troll, from tiny to large, but always magical! But what would happen if children stopped believing?

Written by B.B. Taylor, Illustrated by James Shaw
Published by Tiny Tree Books

A fairy named Mouse is too small to carry teeth, and so cannot be a tooth fairy. When the fairies and their magic are in trouble, Mouse decides size doesn’t matter and breaks “the fairy code of conduct” to help.

Mouse travels to our world and meets a young girl named Faith. Faith still wants to believe in the magic and so helps Mouse. Off they go on an adventure to find magic that will save the fairies. Discovering that magic doesn’t just come from teeth might be the best part of their journey.

A completely delightful and fun re-imagining of the legend of the Tooth Fairy. A perfect length for bedtime stories with wonderful illustrations throughout the book. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed it and we had a brilliant time thinking about our own tooth fairy and what they might look like. Unsurprisingly, my daughter thought she should have purple hair, just like the author B.B.Taylor.


Tried and Tested Trilogies

Fabio, The World’s Greatest Flamingo Detective

Written by Laura James, Illustrated by Emily Fox, Published by Bloomsbury

The colourful covers of Fabio, The World’s Greatest Flamingo detective, beg to be collected. Why get just one when clearly they come as a set and want to be together? Currently there are three books in the series but I believe (and hope) more will be added!

In the first adventure, The Case of the Missing Hippo, we meet Fabio and his associate GIlbert. Gilbert isn’t always the most helpful but he certainly tries and is very loyal. He does sometimes get things right!

Fabio has been asked to judge the local talent show and wishes to sit back with his pink lemonade and enjoy the show. However, when Julia, the jazz singing Hippo goes missing, Fabio sets to work. A fun adventure and a mystery to solve, not to mention the neon pages and splashes of colour, roll together into the start of a fab new series. This cover is bright green with splashes of pink!

When we next see Fabio, he is boarding The Ostrich Express. In true Agatha Christie fashion, a priceless ruby is stolen and everyone on board quickly becomes a suspect. It will take all of Fabio’s detailed observations to sniff the culprit out. It soon becomes apparant that not all are who they say and there is more than the stolen ruby to solve. The cover of this titles is bright orange and there are splashes of colour throughout this wonderfully illustrated book.

In the bright yellow third mystery, Fabio has made a mistake. He has gotten into Gilbert’s latest purchase- a small plane. Gilbert is unsure how to fly it properly and it seems the previous owner left the petrol tank empty. This spells trouble for the detecting pair. When they inevitably crash, it is near a town with a mystery to solve. The town is dry- the water has dried up and there are some suspicious characters lurking about. Can Fabio and Gilbert get water flowing back into the town?

If anyone is up to solving these three cases, it is certainly Fabio. He has a special charm and elegance for a detective and Gilbert, though bumbling and funny, has a knack for asking the right questions.

This is a brilliant series for younger readers wanting adventure and mystery. The illustrations and colours will occupy any reader looking for details to help solve the crimes.

I am looking forward to more from Fabio and Gilbert- I certainly need the rainbow of covers to brighten my shelves!


Sam Wu is Not afraid of Zombies

Written by Katie and Kevin Tsang
Illustrated by Nathan Reed
Published by Egmont

We are big fans of Sam Wu, having read and laughed our way through his other “scary” adventures.

This is a series that goes from strength to strength with every new title published. Sam Wu is not afraid of a lot of things but this time, he is especially not afraid of zombie werewolves in the basement.

Ralph Zimmerman announces he has zombie werewolves living in his basement keeping him awake at night. They are getting louder and Sam Wu and gang are called in to help!

Excellent illustrations throughout the whole book!

Donning their protective gear, down they all go to explore the basement! What they see sends them running straight back up the stairs! Sitting down to dinner with Ralph and Regina’s parents later (Sam believes they are spies or zombie werewolf hunters), they get invited to a Halloween party to be held at the museum.

The night of the Halloween party arrives, with all the children wearing fabulous costumes and getting into the spooky spirit. An idea to research mummies is suggested and the children set off to explore. What they find is a surprise!

This series is always being recommended, loaned, shared and spoken about in our libraries and I can add this to the list! It will be off the shelf within moments.

Can’t wait for the next one….wonder what Sam Wu will not be afraid of next???