Blissful Weekend Reading

Recently, I felt as though I was in a reading slump. I enjoyed reading picture books but didn’t feel I had the attention span or focus to dedicate to a novel. This weekend I decided to make time for reading….I found myself reading while making breakfast, while the kids were watching a movie and through every evening! It was BLISS!

I now feel as though I am back in the swing of things, and I reduced my TBR pile by 5! All of these books are linked by my immense enjoyment of them, powerful and imaginative plot lines and characters who leap off the page with courage and determination.

Published by Andersen Press, Faber, Walker Books and Scholastic

Holly Webb is a brilliant author and I can honestly say that I have l loved so many of her books. I particularly liked Evie’s War, The Princess and the Suffragette and Return to the Secret Garden. The Runaways is another feather in her talented hat!

Publishing 3 October by Scholastic

Molly’s mother makes the bold decision not to evacuate Molly when the orders come through. She wants to keep her home so she can do her bit for the war effort. As war is officially declared and people begin to panic buy and stock pile, Molly learns that families are unable to take care of their pets. Molly has a pet dog called Bertie and knowing that her mother dislikes the dog and is making terrible plans for him, Molly decides to runaway.

I was amazed throughout the story of Molly and her ability to survive without her family. She takes care of Bertie, meets new friends and finds a new “family” that help each other. Molly, her resilience, determination and courage in the face of war is admirable and I found myself liking her very much. “Adopted” into the home of a pregnant woman, Molly, John, Rose and Bertie learn how to survive together. Almost a year later, a knock on the door changes everything.

This book is heart warming, sad and paints a very true picture of war time England. The quote on the front speaks for itself; “A moving story of love and loss during the Second World War.” Most Stories we hear from either war are exactly that. Full of love and loss, but also full of courage, valour and hope.

Published 5 September by Scholastic

I was immediately drawn to the idea of “mysterious forces…tearing up the earth like mini-hurricanes.” A town sinking, a boy called Gran and working together to lift the town out of danger. Fascinating!

Granite Flowerpot and his family move to the town of Carousel. Chapter One, in its entirety says, “Gran did not want to move to Carousel”. I love the short bursts of chapters. There are 113 chapters but they are short, snappy and so easy to devour. This would make an incredible class book!

Gran and Catalina form a lifting duo, striving to save Carousel from The Hollows which are devouring the town from the earth up. Sinkholes are everywhere and anything from hockey sticks to surfboards are being used to prop the town up. Is it enough? Can they save the town?

This is honestly one of my new favourite books. The short chapters make it easy to read, the fast paced plot races along and the characters are brave, determined and hard to ignore.

Publishing 7 November by Walker Books

An entirely original beginning where we meet Lina, born to her mother in a Russian prison camp. Rumours abound that her father is the cruel Commandant Zima. Lina is encouraged to escape with a band of untrustworthy men, leaving behind her mother.

Before long, the cold, hunger and distrust grows amongst the group and threats are made. Running away, Lina and best friend Bogdan, narrowly escape a pack of shadow wolves chasing them. An evil sorceress traps them in her palace and they must escape her too. The sorceress seems to be everywhere and when they learn her true identity they are shocked and the story twists again.

As a debut, this is wonderfully written and thoroughly enjoyable. I felt cold throughout the icy story and was struck at how brave Lina was. She takes every opportunity to do the right thing, when faced with shadow wolves, a cruel father and saving her friends lives.

I loved the idea of shadow servants, people trapped by the evil sorceress, and being wolf bound….all very spooky and it adds to the allure of this tale.

Publishing February 2020 by Andersen Press

This arrived in the summer and has been at the top of my TBR pile. It always beckoned me and I wanted to wait for the right moment. This weekend was perfect. I could not put it down. It is full of murder, witches and hags. Set in the slums, the main character, Larabelle Fox, is a tosher, a sewer rat, looking for treasure under the city streets.

Mrs Hester, Shadow Jack and the King are looking to rid the world of hags, the slums and anyone who gets in their way. Releasing the Evernight, they sit back and watch as the darkness and Painted Men take over the world. This is stuff of legends….yet now it is true.

Finding a much sought wooden box, containing the one spell to break the darkness, Lara becomes the hunted. She must travel to learn of her powers and those of her parents.

Can Lara and her hag friends protect the world? This book is quick, scary and so full of adventure that you will be gutted when it ends. I am so pleased that the cover promises it to be a “spellbinding new series”….but how long must we wait for book 2?

Publishing 3 October by Faber Children’s

Any Emma Carroll book is hugely anticipated, intensely coveted and highly enjoyed. This is no exception. She has a true gift of making history come alive and the characters leap off the page.

Fortune Sharp creates a boat out of a fallen tree. Little does she know this will seal her fate. Fearing for her daughter’s life, Fortune is hastily sent to town to find work, as a boy. Landing with a rich family, her secret is guarded and she learns secrets belonging to the children.

One fateful day, the sea all but disappears, and then comes rushing in obliterating all in sight. Fortune survives but must quickly run as she is now being hunted as a witch for bringing devastation to the county.

Superb writing ensures you feel as though the waves have hit you, the men in black hats are hunting you and the water wants to hold you under. I could feel myself holding my breath, urging Fortune to run faster, and the King to see the true Dr Blood.

All brilliant, imaginative and awe inspiring books.

I am so thankful to the publishers for sending these along to me. They pulled me out of a reading slump and made me actively seek new books to read. A blissful weekend of reading…check!


Guardians of the Planet: How to be an Eco-Hero

Written by Clive Gifford, Illustrated by Jonathan Woodward
Published by Buster Books, Developed in partnership with ClientEarth

Publishing this week is an excellent resource for schools, children and families looking to make valuable, conscious decisions about saving the planet. We can all make changes that will positively affect our world, nature and animals. This book outlines why the planet needs our help in honest yet child friendly language. It then goes on to provide handy tips and ideas for easy changes anyone can make.

A great starting point for becoming an Eco-Hero

Chapters are focused on a variety of subjects, including green energy, oceans and forests. Children could choose a focus area, study the science and use the helpful tips and ideas in their own home and school. Many schools are creating Eco-Squads…teams of children looking at ways to make their schools environmentally friendly.

There is an incredible amount of press coverage about the planet, global warming, emissions and extinction of beloved creatures. Mass protests are taking place around the world and books are published with an eco friendly focus….children are keen to know and learn more. This is the generation who will make the right choices but they need books like this one to ensure they understand the science, know what choices there are and include them as part of a daily routine.

I love the colourful illustrations and ways that ideas are presented. It has an ‘infographic’ feel to it. The text is broken up into smaller paragraphs so it is incredibly user friendly and with the chapters, it can be dipped into at any point.

I enjoyed reading through the science as, in all honesty, I was never entirely sure about greenhouse gases, renewable energy and waste disposal. Now I feel more informed and I am willing to try most of the ideas suggested by the book.

A fabulous new edition to a school library….I imagine a waiting list of readers wanting to become Guardians of the Planet!


Reading Beauty

Written by Deborah Underwood, Illustrated by Meg Hunt

What an impressive book, retelling a version of Sleeping Beauty. Taking key moments from the original fairytale and spinning them into a futuristic world, we have been given a book lovers dream book!

Princess Lex, was cursed by an uninvited guest…cursed to get a paper cut on her 15th birthday. For a serious book lover, watching all her books taken away was too much, so Lex, a brave princess, takes steps to break the curse.

How any book lover would feel in a world without books!

Lex, using a bot to hold the books, teaches herself how to do everything she needs to find the fairy. Thus proving how much we can learn from reading! The fairy tries to foil the attempts of Lex….but Lex is smart and cunning!

When Puppy Prince finds the invitation, it dawns on Lex that the fairy can’t read and cursed Lex mistakenly. Offering to help the fairy learn to read brings our tale to a close. Books are returned to the world “and all read happily ever after”!

What a perfect end to a perfect version of a classic fairytale. I love the brave Lex, looking for ways to break the curse and fighting it head on. No sleeping for her…she would rather read late under the covers, break a curse and bring colour to the world through books!

The illustrations are futuristic, colourful and beckon the reader in! I now am on a hunt for Interstellar Cinderella, by the same dynamic duo of Deborah Underwood and Meg Hunt. I have high hopes for a braver version of the Princess.


Perfect Bedtime Stories with Nosy Crow

Nosy Crow delivered some amazing titles today and I couldn’t resist reading them immediately. My daughter quickly snapped up Step Inside Homes Through History. She loved looking through each decade, starting with the houses, then the fashion and went back for a third viewing looking for specific rooms.

Brilliant peek through pages bring homes from different decades to life.

I took two of the books to heart and fell for them completely. They both have a beautiful message about bedtime, bedtime stories and dreams. The importance of dreams, sharing stories and feeling loved are essential messages that we want all children and their families to know!

Written and Illustrated by Nicola O’Byrne

Rabbit is not tired and will not go to bed! Hatching a devious plan to stop The Dark he reaches for his biscuit tin. The poor Dark finds himself trapped inside while Rabbit feels quite pleased! The Dark can’t come and he won’t have to go to bed.

From inside the tin, The Dark tries to explain to an increasingly hungry and grumpy Rabbit why the night is so important. The animals need the dark, vegetables need the dark and so to do Sleepy Rabbits.

Such a wonderful surprise awaits the reader when opening the biscuit tin!

Rabbit relents and opens the biscuit tin, letting The Dark out. The animals and plants feel better. Winning me over was The Dark saying that Bedtime Stories are one of the best bits! Poor Rabbit didn’t make it through much of the Bedtime story as he was fast asleep.

Children will identify with not being tired and wanting to stay up all night but this book will serve as a gentle reminder that animals and plants need the dark to stay alive and healthy, just as children need sleep to have energy for the next day! Parents too!

Completely deserving of all the Twitter hype, this next book is sure to become a classic bedtime story. The dream like illustrations are sublime, creating soft focused ideas for dreams.

Written by Frances Stickley, Illustrated by Anuska Allepuz

My daughter always asked “What can I dream about?” And I always tried my best but this book would have been the best response.

Told in perfect rhyme, this makes for an easy read aloud. Perfect for sharing with sleepy, pyjama clad children! From riding waves with whales, flying through space and riding on the back of a polar bear.. Dreams can take you anywhere, “because anything’s possible here!”

I love the soft muted colours accompanying the rhyming text, delivering children to incredible dreams! This book is pure bedtime story delight!

The over- riding message is that dreams take you anywhere you want to go but that..

A calming, reassuring book guaranteeing that someone you love will be there when you wake up.

I can’t recommend these books enough. Both will be added to my favourites collection and I will share them (I promise) but they will always find their way back to my shelf.


Wonderful Walker Books!

Walker Books are publishing so many wonderful titles and I am so excited to show off a few that I have been lucky enough to read for my blog. Thank you to Walker for the gifted copies! I will be sharing these across my schools!

Jane, the Fox and Me, Written by Fanny Britt, Illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault

This is a heart in your throat kind of book.  I was immediately drawn in to the story and worried for the well being of the girl.  

The book begins with such cruelty.  Sadly a true picture for children in the world today. 

The black and white illustrations are atmospheric for the feelings of Helene and the world she lives in. The colour comes alive in the book when she talks about Jane Eyre, her favourite book.  

A mandatory class trip and the outcast cabin continues the sadness in Helene. Another girl, Geraldine, gets banished to the outcast cabin and Helene and the other girls are brought together by her spirit and happiness. 

Helene and Geraldine become friends and “the whole world is suddenly full to the brim with Geraldine’s words”.

Colour begins to seep into Helene’s world and hope starts to blossom.

This is a book for older readers as it clearly deals with some sensitive issues.  There are undertones of an eating disorder, depression and bullying. Stunning illustrations and the graphic novel style will appeal to so many.

Nine Worlds in Nine Nights, Written by Hiawyn Oram, Illustrated by David Wyatt

This book was an unexpected surprise. There is so much beyond the doors of the cover….it is hiding a true spectacle of imagination. Open up, peer inside and let your imagination run wild. Discover the lost world of Atlantis, visit Lilliput and see where the Knights of the Round table were seated.

Gorgeous page…love the colours!

There is no option with this book but to put everything down and spend hours inside each world. They are laid out immaculately and the book is written as a diary of Professor Dawn D Gable. She is given the book in the illustration above as a gift but is angered by it, throws it into the fire and watches amazed as it doesn’t catch fire.

What follows next is wonderful. Detailed drawings and illustrations, excerpts from the diary and images of famous lost worlds.

Pick this one up, I can promise you hours of pure imagination!

Just Because, Written by Mac Barnett, Illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault

Ah, the endless bedtime question session. This is the time when all children suddenly need to know answers to the worlds greatest questions. “Why is the sky blue?” And they also want more than a typical tired parent response of “Just Because”.

Dad gets drawn into a fantastic bedtime Q and A with his daughter and instead of saying “Just because”, he dreams up wonderful new ways to imagine the world. It is such a beautiful story and it has had a big effect on me. It made me think of those questions and want to let their imaginations soar with new answers and more time to explore them. I will no longer say, “Just Because”!

The answer to the question, Why do the leaves change colour?

Beautifully illustrated, this will become an ultimate bedtime experience for families!

Pick a Pumpkin, Written by Patricia Toht, Illustrated by Jarvis

Truth be told, Pick a Pine Tree is one of my all time favourite Christmas books. Pick a Pumpkin is perfectly told and leads us through the fun of choosing the right pumpkin, making it shine, digging the guts out….which is the best bit and then making a fabulous face!

Told in lyrical rhyme and accompanied by autumnal art, this is the perfect read aloud for Autumn and the weeks leading up to Halloween! One to share and read as you hunker down on one of the spookiest evenings in Fall….Halloween!

Enjoy carving with friends and family!

I am enjoying the way one book leads to the next, from autumn colours to Halloween and now to a “beast”!

Beast Feast by Emma Yarlett

Beast finds a feast and declares it dinner! Dinner, a young child, argues that they are not dinner and then sets a plan to prove this. Beast wants to share and invites his friends round to share….we get to see the replies to the invitation. Reminiscent of The Jolly Postman, we get to open each letter and they form part of the story.

Fold out letters ensure this story is interactive and engaging

Will Beast still eat and share dinner with his guests? Will Dinner convince beast to serve different food at his party? This brightly illustrated book is funny, interactive and brilliant to read with younger children. I love the style of text used throughout the book and the realistic monster RSVP’s!

A fun book and one I adore already!

Walker continue to publish a huge variety of books that will delight all ages! I am keeping my eyes peeled for more to share.


Baking Wolf, Terribly Friendly Fox and Woodland Critters….what could be better?

Two brilliantly, funny books feature in my evening! Both are wonderful stories featuring the ultimate characters, wolves and bunnies, foxes and woodland critters. Both have been successfully read aloud to children with a hugely positive response from the audience.

Great Bunny Bakes is written and illustrated by Ellie Snowdon. The world of baking bunnies and a talented wolf is brought to life with stunning illustrations full of exceptional details and light, pastel colours.

Quentin is a wolf who loves baking. Sadly, there is no one to share this talent with until a letter arrives inviting him to a bunny bake off. Think Great British Bake Off for Bunnies…..amazing recipes, highly decorated cakes and the show stopper! One problem though… Quentin was not a bunny!

Disguising himself as a rather large bunny, Quentin manages to make it through round after round of impressive baking skills when the worst happens.

Banana Peel and Chocolate Cake….a recipe for disaster!

Poor Quentin! However, when you are kind and help others, they too will offer their help when needed and so bunnies and wolf come together in friendship and a shared love of chocolate cake! A glorious story…the children in Year 5 and 6 loved it, perhaps even more than their younger friends.

Moving from true friendship to reformed characters brings us to The Terribly Friendly Fox written by Susannah Lloyd and Illustrated by Ellie Snowdon. Ellie’s brilliant illustrations are instantly recognisable but there is a darker colour palette to compliment the darkness of the story.

It was the night of the Annual Woodland Creatures Ball and everyone was there celebrating and having fun until in walked the Wiley Fox. Having changed his name and his choice of diet, he was welcomed into the fray.

Our esteemed host notices absent friends but thinks nothing of it, all the while the reader can see Wiley Fox getting fatter and fatter. A deliciously dark tale of Fox and Foe…. what could possibly be happening to all mouse’s friends?

Gerald is the life of the party, performing magic tricks, playing musical chairs and dancing!

Gerald promises to make a few more things disappear later…

This book was met with thunderous laughter and applause at we finished reading it! Children love a dark and twisted tale, especially as we can see what is happening right in front of Mouse’s eyes!

I am so pleased to have both of these books in my personal collection and I plan to take them to other schools for more story times!

Great Bunny Bakes was Published by Simon and Schuster in 2018. The Terribly Friendly Fox has just been published this week, again by Simon and Schuster.


Winter Sleep

Written by Sean Taylor and Alex Morss
Illustrated by Cinyee Chiu
Published by Quarto Publishing Group

I loved this book- from first seeing the cover to poring over it all page by page to the end. It is stunning, full of lovely illustrations and an almost poetic description of hibernation.

It explains how animals spend the end of summer through the autumn preparing for their long sleep and it shows a huge variety of mammals, fish and insects sleeping through the winter.

From “the summer magic of the night” to the “cosy magic of the dark night outside”. Poetic!

A brilliant book to celebrate the magic and science of hibernation. “Can you imagine going to bed in winter and not getting up until spring?”- I bet sometimes we can but our bodies are not designed to do so. There are some amazing facts at the end that surprised me- like the woodchuck- only taking one breath every five minutes during hibernation. Amazing.

Although this would be ideal for classes studying hibernation, I feel that this is one that could be read and enjoyed by all, regardless of the season. It is a beautiful book!


Meet Jasper and Scruff!

Smart Kitty. Mucky Pup.
Written and Illustrated by Nicola Colton
Published by Stripes

I love highly illustrated books, from picture books to chapter books. These new characters and their troubles land perfectly in between picture books and chapter books. They are sized as an early chapter book and feature the illustrations of a picture book, planting them firmly in the middle, in my opinion.

Jasper is a neat and tidy kitty. He likes things to be orderly and arranged in his own way. When we first meet Jasper, he is keen to be part of the Sophisticats, a society for exceptional felines. Jasper gets his chance to entertain the society members by hosting a dinner party, which he meticulously plans. What Jasper does not plan on, is Scruff. This puppy lives up to his name….dirty, smelly and licky. Following Jasper home, Scruff soon finds himself playing the silent game and hide and go seek while Jasper deals with the bossy and demanding Sophisticats.

It doesn’t take Jasper long to decide this society for exceptional felines is not for him and Scruff is allowed to join the fun. Well, fancy cats, a scruffy dog and a chocolate cake are a perfect mix for trouble.

A funny, delightful book for those children feeling ready to take the leap into independent reading and for all who love a good story.

Delighted to say book 2 is nearly available and it continues with the best friends as they open a bookstore aptly named The Mog and Mutt. One morning a mysterious cloaked figure arrives with a package. Inside is a book about a famous pirate called Black Whiskers. A legend and an adventure await Jasper and Scruff. Closing the shop they follow clues left on a old map within the book.

The treasure at the end is all the incentive the two friends need, taking off immediately to follow each clue. The clues eventually lead them to a trap door in the theatre floor and just as they feel they have found the treasure, a surprise is waiting for them.

As a payback for the disastrous dinner party, the Sophisticats are taking their revenge! Will Jasper and Scruff find a way out of the trap? What will they find if they do?

I love these books and can see an entire series of trouble for the the pair as they battle the Sophisticats in endless games and fun!

Jasper and Scruff is available now. Jasper and Scruff, Hunt for the Golden Bone is available 3 October.


Picture Book Perfect….Bears!

The animals ask an important question in Kristina Stephenson’s book aptly named “Why are there so many books about bears? Published earlier this year by Hachette.

I am a huge fan of picture books and buy them or borrow them constantly, and even I will admit there are a lot of books about bears. Bears are cute, cuddly and loveable and therefore excellent book characters! I can remember a time when both my children wanted their own teddy bears to be characters in their own stories.

Looking through some popular new bear books, I was spoiled for choice in today’s blog. I plan to share the following…..

Starting with the question Kristina Stephenson poses! Set in Mollusc College, the most brilliant animals have come to debate the “impossible question”. In attendance are Snakespeare, Swinestein, Newton, Shelley and the PhD’s (Porcupines, Hedgehogs and Dragons with Spines). Amazingly named animals all debating the amount of bears in books. Is it because bear rhymes with great words? They are soft? People like bears? So many valid reasons but none agreed upon unanimously! Until the tea trolley arrives…..pushed by a bear. Who then poses the question, “Why are there so many books about dinosaurs?”.

This colourful, brilliantly illustrated book will get your family arguing along with the book to answer the impossible! A very funny book and one that is a huge hit with my classes!

And now to introduce to you…Bear!

My Name is Bear by Nicola Killen, Published by Egmont

A delightful little Bear who believes his name to be the best! Nicola Killen has created the perfect book for back to school. Little Bear arrives in a new home and can’t wait to meet some new friends. However, with Bear believing his name is best, he can’t believe what some animals are called and says so! Bear is gaining a reputation for being rude and impolite. The worm following the story is always in disbelief to the actions of Bear.

This story is so funny and apt for children learning to be kind and polite, especially when learning new names and making new friends. It all comes to a head when Bear meets another friend with the same name and has a tantrum! Will Bear make new friends? Read on to find out more! Enjoy the stunning Autumnal illustrations as you walk with Bear meeting new animals.

Noodle Bear by Mark Gravas, Published by Walker Books

Bear loves noodles, so much so that he missed hibernation due to the famous show Noodle Knockout, but now there are none left…oh no! Bear is forced to travel to the big city in search of noodles, a city that smells like noodles. Bear is the perfect contestant for the hit TV show, Noodle Knockout. Bear is an expert noodle eater and becomes the Grand Champion. However, Bear is missing his home and his best friend Fox. Another long journey and this time, Bear has noodles to share!

A lovely endearing story about friends, home and finding your happiness! The illustrations are wonderful and really bring the story to life. Full of colour, funny situations and a celebration of noodles. It’s making me hungry!

The next Bear is also very hungry….but not for noodles!

Oh No, Bear! By Joanne Partis, Published by Little Tiger

Following his nose, Bear is lead through the woods, around the mountains and over the river to….carrots! Trying one, Bear finds it delicious. He then tries another and another until they are all gone. Oh No Bear!

Bear then finds his way to a basket of acorns, and tries those too. The baskets are soon empty. Oh No Bear! Bear is feeling sad at his actions and promises to make it up to his friends if only he could fit back into his cave. Friends are friends no matter what and so they all push and shove until he pops back in.

A wonderful story with a repetitive plot that will have children guessing what happens next. This would work as a wonderful introduction to hibernation, for this is the reason bear is so hungry! Link with Noodle Bear for another look at hibernation for bears.

Bears are large, cuddly looking, hungry and inquisitive- perhaps those are enough reasons for there being so many books about bears! Children and adults alike seem to like them so maybe that is reason enough.



Booklife Publishing the Third!

Three days of books from the incredible authors, illustrators and designers at Booklife Publishing…it goes to show just how vast and various their titles range. Schools would be spoiled for choice when shopping here!

Today we spend time in Ancient Greece, visit New Delhi and North America before learning about that which shakes the Earth, Volcanoes and Earthquakes.

History, geography, Earth Science and one more animal book.

Ancient Greece, Unlocking Ancient Civilisations

This is a more intense book geared for those in Upper KS2. It is full of facts and photos in longer text and using higher vocabulary. It takes you from Everyday Life to Culture, Writing to Religion and The Olympic Games. Greece is a widely studied subject in schools and this updated book will increase the enthusiasm for learning more.

By George Cottrell

Three other books follow in this series: The Shang Dynasty, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome.

As we move through history we travel around the globe to a huge, bustling city in India, New Delhi. Using photos and the clever use of luggage tag facts make this an enjoyable book. I would recommend it for Year 2 and up. It has information for tourism, food and travel. Perfect for learning about new places and cultures, I bet this would be very popular!

By Amy Allatson

More city adventures include Sydney, London, New York and Beijing. This could be a huge series featuring many of the worlds greatest cities. Excellent! Makes me want to travel!

From New Delhi, we track across Europe and the Atlantic Ocean until we reach North America! This is home for me, being from Canada! It makes me sad to know that we are damaging the world we share with these animals. This book explains some reasons why animals are becoming endangered.

By Grace Jones

I enjoyed the layout of this book and found it interesting to know why the animals are in danger and what steps are being taken to protect them. I especially liked the “How can I make a difference” section at the back. We need to be educating our children how they can help animals, the environment and the planet.

Of course, this is part of a series looking at Endangered Animals from each continent.

We end on a bang! Or an eruption! Volcanoes and Earthquakes are always fascinating for children!

Again the book is part of a series and it looks at natural disasters such as famine and drought and hurricanes and tornadoes. These books answer the basic questions such as What causes an earthquake? Are there different kinds of volcanoes? Aimed at Year 2 and above this book covers all the basics, again with rich vocabulary, factual photos and illustrations.

By Joanna Brundle

As you can see, so many brilliant books from Booklife Publishing and all worth another look, and certainly to be considered for schools.

Thank you Booklife for the opportunity to read and review your books. It was such a fun experience and one I would love to ensure continues. I like to think that I am becoming more widely read and want to put that across in my blog.